Special Relativity is Wrong

This website is dedicated to proving that Special Relativity is Wrong.

Listed below are the major sections in our article:

Our target audience is the general public. If you have forgotten everything you learned in high school physics, you can focus on the first two sections and skip the rest. Maybe it is not so complete, but you can still get an idea where the time dilation and length contraction came from.

If you'd like to go through Einstein's paper on Special Relativity some day, you can use section "What is Special Relativity" as a guide. It has the essence of Special Relativity, but with all its complexity removed.

Section "On Velocity Addition" is added based on readers' feed back, to clear some common misunderstandings about velocity addition.

To simplify the problem, many interesting topics around Special Relativity are omitted. If you'd like to discuss any topic, you can always reach me by email

This website has a parallel Chinese version.

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