The Real Puzzle behind Special Relativity (1)

Einstein's idea was probably influenced by his time, when the topic of clock synchronization was very popular. But that cannot explain why Special Relativity was not seriously challenged during the past one hundred years.

About light, there is a big puzzle. If this puzzle is not solved, the problem of Special Relativity probably cannot be easily settled down.

In the time of Newton, light was thought to be composed of tiny particles. Later through double-slit experiments, light was discovered to be a kind of wave. And after Maxwell united all the electromagnetic formulas into one theory, light became an electromagnetic wave in a special range.

As all other types of waves are propagated in some media, light should have some medium too. So a stationary aether (or ether) was thought to be that medium, and all celestial bodies run through it. To detect the relative motion between this medium and the Earth, the Michelson-Morley experiment was designed. Because none such relative motion was detected, this experiment went down into history as the most famous failed experiment, and the idea of aether was gradually forgotten.

Actually, the Michelson-Morley experiment did not prove that aether does not exist. If the Earth carries everybody of us, carries the thin air, why does it refuse to carry the aether? If the Earth is carrying the aether, how can we find a relative motion between them?