Some Extra Thoughts (2)

How do we understand our world?

By discovering new facts, by explaining unexplained facts, by giving better explanations to explained facts. And the best path leading to understanding is simplicity.

In the Earth-centered view of the universe, a planet's motion has to be explained by two circles. First, the planet is orbiting the Earth in a big circle; at the same time, it is also running in another small circle of its own. Only in this way, the observed retrograde motion of a planet can be explained.

In Copernicus's Sun-centered view, all planets are orbiting the sun, and the retrograde motions of other planets are the natural result of the difference in orbits and periods between the Earth and the other planets.

In his theory of gravity and laws of motion, Newton explained the Moon's movement and the falling of an apple using the same unified view.

We now know that the Sun is not the center of the universe, and maybe the theory of gravity needs to be improved. But no one can disagree that Copernicus and Newton have given us a much simplified view of the universe.

Let us return to our topic here. How can the adoption of Special Relativity help us understand the universe?

If we have to twist our mind to try to understand, blur our vision to try to see, shouldn't that remind us that the destination is still far away, or even worse, maybe we are going in the wrong direction?